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Making Safety in Your Church a Priority

The issue of church safety and security is at the forefront of people's minds in light of the recent horrific events that occurred in Sutherland Springs, Texas, and earlier in Antioch, Tennessee. Our hearts are broken over the senseless harm done to innocent victims who were worshipping God in churches. It has been known for some time that churches must be vigilant in attempting to prevent and minimize potential harm done by those who would attack innocent parishioners. In an effort to provide a resource to our ministers and constituents, Dr. Tim Hill, General Overseer, and Dennis Watkins, Legal Counsel for Church of God, recor

ded a brief video addressing this subject (see link below). They address some of the basic aspects of church safety and security and also provide a link (see additional link below) to a video from a church safety and security expert. We believe their discussion and the accompanying video will be of assistance to you as you assess your churches current safety procedures and address your congregations concerns.

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