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Women's Ministries

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Our Purpose

Women's Ministries exists to encourage spiritual growth, personal development and leadership among women, and to contribute to the general welfare of the home, church, community and world.

Women’s Ministries seeks to empower women for Christian service. Around our world, dedicated women are making a significant difference by devoting their time, talents and financial resources to accomplish ministry. To help achieve these ministry objectives, we want to provide an atmosphere where women can:

*Mature Spiritually
*Develop their ministry and leadership gifts
*Promote personal daily devotions, prayer and Word.
*To contribute to the general welfare of home, church, community and world.
*Support Benevolence and mission projects.

Women With a Mission
(WWAM) 2022-2024

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PROJECT #020-8203

The invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces in early 2022 separated families and displaced thousands of orphans. Immediately, the Church of God was instrumental in extracting nine orphanages from Ukraine and placing the children in semi-permanent housing in surrounding countries. Today, these children are waiting with anticipation for the day when they will be able to return home.

Home for these orphans is where their journey began, and home is where their journey must end. Even though this beautiful country is now ravaged by war, Ukraine is the starting place of their memories, their hopes, and their dreams.

For 2022-2024 Church of God Women’s Ministries has adopted this need and desperately needs your assistance. There are some 100,000 orphans in need in Ukraine. With your support, we will rebuild lives, reestablish families, and provide transportation, clothing and food that will sustain these children throughout their journey home.

Women's Ministries Events


Women's Resources

Following are available resources for your Women's Ministries.

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